Seven money-saving wedding tips to keep your big day in budget

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Wedding tips that you definitely need to keep your big day in a budget. Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life – and you don’t have to spend a small fortune for a perfect day. There are easy ways to save money if you’re a bride (or groom) on a budget, from being supplier-savvy to prioritising the parts of the day that mean the most to you.


Here are some money-saving tips to make sure your big day doesn’t break the bank.


  • Wedding tips: Be realistic about your budget. Don’t put your finances (and your relationship) under pressure by stretching to more than you can afford – think about the kind of wedding you want, look at what you can afford to spend, and meet in the middle.
  • Wedding tips: Figure out your priorities. Aside from the wedding ceremony (of course), divide your wedding into needs and wants, from the venue, catering and decorations to live entertainment, a designer dress or amazing honeymoon. Desperate for live music but not too concerned about centrepieces? Look at how you can save in one area to make the other a reality. The savings from your handmade invitations could pay for your flights to Bali.
  • Wedding tips: Turn to friends and family. Got an aunt that makes amazing cakes? See if she can make your wedding cake if you buy the ingredients. Got an arty friend? See if she will take on your invitations. However, some areas of your big day will still need professionals – photography and entertainment for example. But if you’re happy a loved one can help your wedding vision become a reality, go for it.
  • Be strict with the guest list. Don’t feel you have to invite every second cousin, aunt twice removed and former colleague to your wedding. No one should expect an invitation – and ensuring your guest list consists of the people you truly want to share your celebrations with can help keep costs down.
  • Think about what people will remember. Guests are more likely to talk about the fantastic atmosphere, dancing and food afterwards than the expensive favours, crystal centrepieces or silk chair sashes. Extra frills can be nice, but think about if you truly need them to complete your wedding.
  • Hiring can help save precious pounds. Do you need to buy 12 matching vases for your wedding breakfast tables, or can you hire them for a fraction of the cost? Do you need an ornate cake stand or will your wedding venue let you use theirs? New suits for the boys or can they hire morning suits, shirts and cravats? Check before you buy.
  • Compromise with the wedding party. These days, couples aren’t automatically expected to pay for the dresses, shoes, hair, makeup, suits and hotel rooms for their bridesmaids, ushers and best man – see if your bridesmaids will buy their own shoes if you pay for their dresses, and discuss the cost of suit hire, accommodation and other expenses – you may find they’re happy to chip in.