Wedding trends for 2016 – tips to make your big day extra special

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There are plenty of recommendations flying around for couples who want the perfect wedding, but what are the big trends forecast for 2016? We’ve scoured the magazines and asked our friends, and we’ve got a few tips for you – and there are even a couple of options to save you money!


Don’t splash out too much on centrepieces

The main problem with classic centrepieces across tables is the obsession with everything being uniform. While this isn’t a bad thing in terms of decoration – after all, it ties together a room nicely – it can get expensive, even though you’re buying things in bulk. Instead consider getting a mix of floral pieces – different colours for different tables, and using flowers that are in season. It’ll make your tables more unique, and help you save a few quid in the process.


Choose your own cocktails

Brides and grooms have every opportunity to show off their personal tastes on their wedding day, but you should take this a step further by making the favourite cocktails of you and your other half. Label them carefully so there’s at least a choice; not only will it be an interesting conversation starter, but getting the spirits yourself and mixing them together en masse could save you a pretty penny, too.


Metallic colours are in

Whether it’s with table runners, signage or your wedding invites, the use of metallic colours is most definitely in this year. Combining the written elements with nice, clear typography – and a number of different fonts on the same piece to mix things up a bit – will add a really modern slant to proceedings.


No more nights on the round table

You may have been to countless weddings where round tables for guests are the in thing. Yet while it certainly makes it a little easier for groups of people to be put together with few problems, they are still often criticised for giving a corporate feeling to proceedings. Following in the footsteps of countless restaurants (undoubtedly pioneered by Wagamama), couples are more regularly opting for long, rectangular tables for more intimacy. Don’t forget, though, to consider a lounge area or two – nothing makes a cocktail or two more comfortable in the later hours.


Pick-your-own food options

While you may not want to compromise on what’s being eaten for the main course of the wedding breakfast, why not plate up a buffet-style starter and dessert? Not only will it be a little cheaper, but it’ll give your guests the chance to mix and match, try something new, and give further opportunities for people to mingle earlier in the evening!