Weddings in 2016: Five of the biggest mistakes to avoid

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Weddings are stressful-enough affairs as they are, but there are ways you can make them even more complicated by assuming certain things that appear to save money, time, or both. Here are a few things worth considering if you want your special day to remain that way – and remove as much worry as possible.


Thinking it’s only your special day

How many people that you know have a birthday within a week of you? How many share the same day? We’re sure you can count a few (even just in your family), but the same situation applies to your wedding. Wherever you get married, chances are someone nearby is too – or is having a function of some sort. Remember this when booking venues, caterers, hotel rooms, the works – you could find yourself without the things you want (or even need) come the big day.


Not calling in the professionals

You may know a close friend or family member who can help plan a wedding, but their first allegiance isn’t always you – and they could drop out for one reason or another at the last minute. Rely on a professional and you can guarantee that your planning will be taken care of, rain or shine.


Making sure there’s extra… of everything you need

Sure, you may restrict the “plus one” rule in one way or another, but can you guarantee that people won’t turn up uninvited – or bring along a partner that originally couldn’t come? People often don’t realise what goes into planning weddings, but having things on standby is incredibly important for those situations. Besides, having more than enough food, chairs, tables, gifts or cake is much better than having too few.


Aiming to make everyone else happy – and not yourself

It’s easy to ask what other people want to see, or have, or do, but this is your special day, and you only get one shot at it. So what if someone doesn’t like a certain colour, or style, or trend? It’s your time, not theirs. Don’t sacrifice something just to keep up appearances.


Go with your heart

Although it’s a similar point to the last one, it’s much broader than that. Occasionally, you can face an impasse that sees you choose head vs heart. But think about what you’re weighing up, and ask yourself: “If I choose one, will I miss the other?” Chances are that you’ll find a solution pretty quickly if you can answer with “yes”. Weddings are a time for love, and you should love everything you pick.