Winter weddings to keep it cheap: What should you consider?

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Winter weddings are quite unique in most ways. When it comes to planning a wedding, one thing becomes clear very quickly: securing a date between April and September may give you the brightest sunshine, but it comes at quite the price. If you’re looking to save good money on your marriage, why not go for a winter wedding?

Sure, it may rain (or even snow), and it won’t be far short of Baltic conditions if you’re aiming December or January, but there’s real scope for you to make the most of it with a few seasonal touches – not only keeping you and your guests happy, but also giving it a truly unique edge.

A drinks reception with a difference during winter weddings 

Champagne’s usually the drink of the day when you arrive at the reception, or you’re keeping people amused after the ceremony, but instead, why not keep the winter out with a glass of mulled wine or cider, or a hot chocolate? Not only is it more fitting for the time of year, but it’s also a lot cheaper than a standard bottle of plonk.

Winter weddings could be ideal to use Christmas to your advantage

If you’re planning on a winter wedding in January or early February, and it’s still cold and dark outside, you can pick up all sorts of Christmas-related decorations to match the season without breaking the bank – if anything, with demand dropping after advent is over, you could get some stunning deals. Think classy ice-white lights, gold and white satin banners, the works, and all for a fraction of the price you’d pay for wedding décor at any other time of the year.

During winter weddings embrace the weather

Don’t forget your wellies, remember to waterproof any outdoor areas, and get any outdoor heaters in communal places for anyone who ventures outside. Expect the rain and wind – if you’re happy with it, your guests will be too, and traditionally the drinks will gradually get even the most hardened Grinch on board.

Don’t forget the blankets

Your guests will struggle to agree on an outfit to match the weather, as looking your best at a wedding, and dressing for the winter, aren’t exactly one in the same. Help them look their best and get a load of blankets. They can be daft fleeces bought for a few quid on Amazon featuring your favourite cartoon characters, or just standard plain block colour ones to match your decorations. All that matters is that your guests can keep warm outside!

Focus on transport

Finally, if there’s one concession you make that may cost you, it ought to be transport-based. Winter conditions on the roads will delay many, unless you ensure they have plenty of time to arrive, or there’s flexibility in your schedule. Similarly, many people may not be able to get to where they need to be at all, so consider running a minibus or coach service for those guests.