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Ask Bamboo: What is a guarantor loan?

When David and Emma wanted to consolidate their debt, we offered them a guarantor loan. That’s when David asked us: what is a guarantor loan ?   What is a guarantor loan?   David* is 3... Read More

Borrowing from friends and family: the pros and cons

Since the economy took a nosedive in 2008, the number of people borrowing from friends and family has been on the rise. In fact, according to StepChange – a charity that offers help and advice to th... Read More

Ask Bamboo: What is a credit union? And how can I borrow from one?

There are lots of borrowing terms that can be confusing – APR, CCJ, ERC, to name a few – and credit union definitely earns its place on that list.   So, what on earth is a credit union?  ... Read More

Loans for bad credit: Your options (with or without a guarantor)

Unfortunately, loans for bad credit can be tricky to find – and it’s often even trickier to find a deal that suits you. Even if your credit score is a little beaten-up, it’s important to rememb... Read More

Loan repayment calculator: How much can you borrow?

If you’re considering borrowing from us, you’ve probably seen our loan repayment calculator. It’s right there on our homepage, so you can’t miss it. It’s our way of helping you work out how ... Read More

Ask Bamboo: How can I find vet care on low income?

As we’ve said before, pet insurance can be quite a significant investment – according to Defaqto, it’s an average of £156 a year to cover a cat and £336 to cover a dog (and that doesn’t incl... Read More

5 quick and easy ways to boost your credit score

If you’ve got a bad credit score – or perhaps no credit score at all – then you might find it difficult to get lenders to allow you to borrow money. While there are lots of lenders who specialis... Read More

Credit applications getting rejected? Find out why

According to a new study, one in five people – that’s 20% of those who have applied for personal loans or credit cards over the past year – have found their credit applications getting rejected.... Read More

Are you taking on too much debt? 5 warning signs to keep an eye on

Debt has this horrible habit of creeping up on you and snowballing – a few payments on a credit card here, a one-off loan there and all of a sudden, the interest rates and repayments start to build ... Read More

Couponing tips to save money

If you’re new to the term couponing, don’t feel embarrassed. Many people haven’t heard of it (or perhaps haven’t realised it has a name), but it’s saving its devotees across the UK hundreds... Read More